For Owners

Being a sole owner of a tulip variety

This one time gift has multiple opportunities to give you the satisfaction, pleasure and benefits you desire.

- Keep things for yourself

- Appoint your own experts

- Create a commercial success: have Blooming Forever commercialize your tulip variety

- We are interested in other creative scenarios you may have in mind

Keep things for yourself

You can decide to keep your tulip private and share its beauty only with family, neighbors and friends in personal gardens. Blooming Forever can either ship the cut flowers and/or the biggest tulip bulbs to anyone at any place you desire.

Appoint your own experts

You can have your unique stock managed by experts who arrange that your bulbs are multiplied and grown on dedicated fields in the Netherlands and have bulbs or flowers sent to you year after year.

Create a commercial success

You can have Blooming Forever cultivate your tulip at our own nurseries in the Netherlands and advise you on a commercial plan in case you want to share your tulip with the rest of the world. The revenues are then transferred year after year to you or to any person or charity of your liking.